Our main activity direction is the restoration of retro cars, however understanding the needs of our clients we are ready to provide the following services: to assist our clients in purchasing cars in USA or Europe, to check the car status and fulfill its defectation, we provide its delivery and customs registration. We are ready to fulfill a complete or a partial restoration according to the wish of our client.

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  • Body painting

    The first thing we see when approaching the car, it is how it looks and how it is painted.

    During the preparation process it is necessary to fit on all the moldings, bumpers, grille and headlights for several times, so after painting there would be no problems with the installation.

    We have all the conditions for the quality of the work. We use materials of the famous German manufacturer Standox.

  • Body restoration

    The most time-consuming and difficult phase in the restoration takes from 4 months to 2 years.

Engines Restoration

The engine is the heart of the vehicle. In the restoration, we use only high-quality parts. If possible, we buy them from the car manufacturers such as Mercedes.

Restorating the Interiors

Restorating the interior of the car, we try to get as close as possible to its original form. We use only the highest quality materials from German and Italian suppliers.

Restoration of Wooden Parts

After a long search of partners for restoration of wooden parts, we decided to do them ourselves. This is a complex and very painstaking process of applying a new veneer and many layers of lacquer. Some wood panels can not be restored, and we make them ourselves, using the old ones as samples.