Merсedes 280 SL 1970

The list of work:


Full disassemble, cleaning from pain, dirt and corosion. All rusted metal panels were changed for a new ones. All the painting proces was conducted by the "Standox fro classics" rules. Water based paint stando blue, two double layers of lacquer with sending the layers in between, polishing with nano ceramic coating. Treatment of the bottoms with an anti-corrosion and shockproof coating by Wurth brand .


Full disassemble, cleaning, painted with powder paint, galvanizing all necessary parts, all the bearings, ail seals and shock absorbers are new Bilstein.


Break cylinders on the car are brand new ATE, main break cylinder is new ATE, break booster is brand new ATE, break calipers and the break lines are also new ATE.


All new wires, all lights, all relays, ignition coil, Bendix are all brand new from Bosh classic. New battery from Mercedes is installed, and an earth switch is mounted.


Full disassemble, cleaning, grinding for a repair kit of the block and cylinder head. Pistons are brand new Mahle. All the bearings, chain gears, valves, valve guides, valve springs, chain, oil seals, gaskets and many other parts are brand new.

Fuel system:

Gas tank, fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel level sensor are all brand new. Mechanical injection system Bosch is fully restored at the Bosch classic service, all the injectors are brand new Bosch.


All the bearings, oil seals and gaskets are brand new, housing is cleaned and painted.


Fully disassembled, cleaned, galvanized, new gauge face are installed.

All the materials of interior are from well known brands MAH and Hans Reinke. Seat frames were cleaned, repaired, painted. Materials inside the seats were changed or partially changed, but they are identical to the original. Complimentary we have added a luggage set made out of leather identical to the interior.


All the chrome parts has been cleaned from the old coating. Repair of defects and renewal of the triple-layer coating (copper/nickle/chrome).

In addition to the car you will receive an photo album with the restoration process 500-600 photos.

  • Quality

    Our main pride is a special quality of restoration. We fulfill all cycles of restoration by ourselves and this provides an unbelievable coherence work of all systems of the car and renovates its initial opportunities.

  • Attention to details

    We pay a maximal attention to every small detail of our project. Perfection is our goal.

  • Technologies

    We actively use technologies of the past as well as the most modern technological opportunities to exceed all expectations of our clients.