About us

      Autoclassic.lv is a European company with plenty years of experience in unique retro car restoration.

      The restoration of old-timers is an art similar to jewelry skills - a very thorough and tedious process which requires special attention to very small details, therefore it is time-consuming.

       The restoration could last from 6 months till 3 years, but the result is worth the efforts - unique, legendary and iconic cars of the past - Mercedes, Jaguar, Ferrari, Porsche are newly born.

      It is necessary to have great professional skills, patience, and inspiration to breathe life into a retro car. Our masters possess the top quality skill and deep experience, it is not only their work but also a matter of their life.

  • About restoration process

    Our main pride is a special quality of restoration. We fulfill all cycles of restoration by ourselves and this provides an unbelievable coherence of work in all systems of the car and renovates its initial opportunities.

    In the result of it the car exterior pleases an eye with its aristocratic glow and solidity, whereas the interior is an active and an energetic sportsman ready for achievements.